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"A Brilliant team, from conception to execution, always dependable, eye for detail, very good at reading situations before they become a problem. Hope to work with you for many more years!!"

Luke E.

UHNW Client Handler

Protecting Globally-Significant Families 1997-2020

" Pioneers of the Private Security Industry in the Mediterranean Jet-Set Resorts "

VIP Security & Bodyguard Hire in Ibiza 2020

Diplomat Protection Group engage in a higher level of personal security - not normally associated with the private sector in Ibiza. With more than 23 years operating Internationally at this level, our VIP clients benefit from the superior skill-sets of our local team members.

Here in Ibiza we do not consider other security suppliers as our competition. We operate at the highest level - applying a rhythm & quality of service unique to our company... This is impossible to duplicate without exceptional experience in this area of the VIP Security industry - and our clients continue to comment on their positive experience with our team members.

Why do I need Private Security in ibiza?

We're not here just for your personal safety - your Bodyguard is your security 'companion' - deflecting negative elements that could spoil a perfect day. Coordinating movements between different venues - escorting clients through crowds - speaking to the right people to gain priorety access to certain services... and keeping unwanted people from entering your private space.

Our role is to help you avoid various types of theft or hostility whilst you're here in Ibiza. Your privacy, your personal valuables, your important guests, your good name & professional reputation... it's our responsibility to ensure that everything & everyone is safe - allowing you to relax & enjoy your vacation.

Let us help you navigate Ibiza in a way that is ultimately more rewarding for you & your guests...

** When choosing personal security for your family members - you can be confident that our operatives are based here in Ibiza & operate 100% legally in Spain. They are highly educated, polite, family-men with a good moral compass & healthy sense of humor ** , VIP security ibiza, diplomat protection group ibiza reviews,

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VIP Security in Ibiza

VIP Security in Ibiza acts as a front-line defence no matter what information is readily available to those with criminal intent on their minds. If you need to hire Bodyguards in Ibiza - simply message us to start the process. DPG also provide a selection of additional security services to maintain a closed-loop of information sharing for high-end clients visiting Ibiza.

Our in-house private driver service in Ibiza, villa security and entertainment booking desk ensures that a clients movements are kept confidential – meaning both the clients and villa are more secure around the clock.

Our service is delivered with discretion & quintessentially-British charm - ensuring a relaxed vacation environment through confidence & superior experience in our industry. , bodyguard hire in Ibiza,

serving the Diplomatic Community & Entertainment Industry working alongside extremely High-Net-Worth Clientele / A-List Celebrities / World Renowned Dignitaries / High Profile Corporate Giants / Business Tycoons / Money Makers & Dream Achievers

VIP Assistance • Armed Bodyguards • Close Protection • Villa Security • Yacht Security • Security Chauffeur

Diplomat Protection Group Specializes In Vacation Private Security

Although we are a full-service private military company, with specialist teams on every continent - our Mediterranean offices offer bespoke security solutions for the VIP travel community. Our close protection operatives have been protecting high-profile families & globally-significant individuals since 1997.

​Our most senior team members operate from our Mediterranean offices in Ibiza & Mykonos. They all come from elite security backgrounds. They are our most calm, charming & friendly bodyguards & close protection experts - perfect companions for your vacation.

​Our services available in Ibiza, Mykonos, St Tropez, Barcelona, Marbella & during the Winter months and you will find us protecting our clients in the jetset ski resorts of Courchevel 1850 & St Moritz.

  • Criminal Record Checked Staff
  • Staff with Security Clearance (CTC Cleared / DV)
  • Senior staff from superior backgrounds
  • In depth knowledge of Ibiza security risks
  • Charming, relaxed & confident staff
  • Superior operational experience in Ibiza
  • Happy to assist visiting security teams
  • Premium fleet of vehicles for clients
  • Professional security drivers
  • Multilingual with English 1st language
  • Smart casual clothes - professional image
  • 23yrs experience in Ibiza with VIP clients

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